Saturday, January 11, 2014

Farro-A Simple Meal

Farro is one of my favorite grains. It's easy to cook and versatile. 
I usually prepare it like risotto and toss in whatever fresh vegetables are in my kitchen.
Once in a while I'll add chicken, but that's not often. Typically I stick with grains,
lentils, nuts, veggies and fish. So, it's up to you, add what you like!

Farrotto With Chicken, Broccoli, Onion, Peas and Spinach

2 cups pearled farro
6 cups (approximately) broth-vegetable or chicken, your choice.
1 cup white wine (approximately-Plus a glass more to enjoy while cooking! I use Chardonnay or whatever is opened)
2 garlic cloves-thinly sliced
2 cups broccoli-chopped & sauteed
2 small onions-chopped
1 cup peas-steamed
1 cup spinach-steamed
1 cup sauteed chicken breast-cubed
Kosher Salt
Grated Parmesan
Olive Oil

Heat olive oil over medium high heat in a stainless steel pot. Add thinly sliced garlic and chopped onion, saute until translucent. Lower heat to medium and toss in farro, stir until coated with oil. Add broth 1 cup at a time, stirring until it absorbs and farro begins to soften. Stir in wine 1 cup at a time. I usually cook this for about 45 minutes in total. Once farro* is ready toss in vegetables and chicken. Top with parmesan and serve.

*Farro has a chewy consistency.

Remember, you can make this dish your own. If you don't like broccoli don't use it, if you love it use more. Experiment!

Enjoy and have a good week!


My Little Home and Garden said...

I haven't prepared this grain before, but your recipe makes me want to try it, Lynn.


lynn said...

i've not heard of farro but, pinned it. thanks for sharing with us, lynn! happy weekend!

Christine @ Stonehouse Living said...

Hi Lynn,

Farro is new to me as well...interesting. I will have to try it. Thank you!

bj said...

I've never even heard of this grain...your dish sure looks healthy. :)

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Morning Lynn, I think I will have to join the list of people who have never heard of this grain. I shall be looking out for it in the health shop. Thank you for the recipe. I look forward to trying it out.
Best Wishes

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

I learned about farro from my son-in-law who went to culinary school. I love it prepared like risotto and your dish sounds so comforting and delicious!

Jann Olson said...

Hi Lynn, I haven't heard of faro. Sounds very healthy and looks yummy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Miz Helen said...

I sometimes forget about Faro and how good it is. I would love to try your recipe. Thanks for helping us celebrate Three Years at Full Plate Thursday and come back soon!
Miz Helen

mickeydownunder said...

G'day! I have never cooked with Farro before, true!
I always enjoy learning something new!
Thanks for sharing!
Viewed as part of the Foodie Friends Friday Valentine's Day Party!
Cheers! Joanne

Marlys Folly said...

I have never used Farro but have seen and thought I should try it.. Now I have a recipe to try it with. Thanks for sharing these on Foodie Friends Friday Valentine's Party and I hope you will join us for our Snack Food theme party this week.