Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pretty Johnny Jump Ups

Every year I look forward to buying the first flowers of the season-
Johnny Jump Ups.
The local nursery had a pretty display out front so I had to stop.
I bought a few containers for the planters on my front porch, 
but now I'm thinking I should have bought more to brighten up the deck.
Well, I can always run back during the week.

Have you started planting in your area?
These are the only flowers I can plant right now-
still too cold for everything else.
We still have patches of snow!
Although I do see the daffodils peeking out around my tree :)
Hope you're having a great week!



Stacy @ Sweethearts + Sweet Tarts said...

Your johnny jump-ups are so pretty! I thought about getting a seed packet of them and sprinkle them here and there. I've planted pansies and violas and two new rose bushes but no big plans for new plants this year.

Dee Lapin said...

I adore Johnny Jump Ups. I have to go get some for my patio. Your pictures are beautiful!!!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Your Johnny Jump Ups are so pretty. No planting here yet. Still too cold and they are predicting a blizzard for Thursday and Friday :(

My Little Home and Garden said...

Those are beautiful, Lynn. They, and pansies, are the first thing I buy in the spring. I think I'll hold off for awhile, given a few snowflakes were flying around this morning!


HWIT BLOGG said...

They are so full of SPRING and so pretty...
Thnak you for your sweet comment on my blog!
Have a great week, take care.