Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"What's For Dinner, Mom?"

Lately, the dreaded question around here is "What's for dinner, mom?". It use to be easy. My kids ate everything-chicken, fish, pasta, steak, lentils, sauces, etc. I loved to cook and bake back then! Actually, I still do. But, things are different around here now. Gone are the days when I'd bake a plate of chocolate chip cookies for a treat and the kids would be happy about it. Now it's chicken, chicken, chicken, fish, pork tenderloin. And, please! NO baked goods! Of course, fruit, yogurt, sugar-free fudge pops are fine. And, that's great. We all want our kids to have healthy eating habits. But, some days it's tough to be creative in the kitchen!  This is what I made last night-                  
Sauteed broccoli and tomatoes, in light olive oil.


I took a chance and added a rosemary and garlic sausage! Drain very well.

Added shrimp, Barilla Plus pasta, crushed red pepper flakes & fresh shaved parmesan.
Everyone was happy! Bon Appetite!


Barbara Rosenzweig said...

Thanks so much for visiting me! I wouldn't mind sitting in that beach chair right now, either!What a great looking meal you prepared and so nutritious!Yum!

Val said...

This is such a great recipe!